Friday, November 2, 2012

day 1 - 30 days 30 posts

goooooood afternoon.

how are you on this glorious friday?


me too.

today i am beginning a journey.  or a journal.  a journal-y.  a journey-al.

well, whatever it is, it is going to be a challenge.

as a novice blogger, i read other people's blogs.  you keep up the blogger vibe.  the other day, i was reading a blog called go go bookworm, which is written by a friend and fellow 4-H house alum, lauren.  and then her blog led me to another blog called illinois farm families, where i read a few posts written by fellow blogger and associate editor for the prairie farmer (and 4-H house alum!), holly spangler.

holly also writes another blog/column for the prairie farmer called my generation (this woman is busy!) and posed a challenge to fellow bloggers:

write an agricultural blog post every day for 30 days.


a 30 day journal...

about agricultural life...


even IF i could get my two year-old to cooperate...

even IF i could keep up with the every day maintenance of my home...

even IF i could do all of the extra things (like swimming lessons and meetings and events and thanksgiving and holiday shoppping)...

even IF i could keep our chaotic lives in check here at the white house on the prairie...

could i find something to blog about for THE ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER?

we will see.


(in my best barney stinson voice)


since i am a former agricultural education teacher and ffa advisor, i know that starting kids off on the right foot is important.  so for this 30 days challenge, i will try (nay, vow!) to write a post every day about agricultural literacy and the importance of introducing children to agriculture.

some day, these kids (my kids!) will have jobs...and money...and votes!

and when that day comes, i would like to say that i helped (even if it is only for 30 days) do my small part to ensure that they are educated in all matters agricultural.

the coolest part about this challenge is that there are lots of other bloggers joining in too!  i am excited to read other farm families blogs as we ride the roller coaster that is farm life :) 

i hope you will read along too!

you can find holly's blog, my generation, along with the other 30 days series blog links here

please feel free to share this blog post (as well as others in the 30 days series) with friends through email or facebook.  let's spread the word!

day 1 - 30 days 30 posts

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