Wednesday, April 2, 2014

still here.

hello again.

it's me.

roganne, your friendly, neighborhood blog writer.

you know how sometimes you take a break from something and then you don't get back into it for weeks and weeks and weeks?

that pretty much sums up my life right now.

here's what i haven't been doing lately:

a. sleeping

2. going to the gym.

3. showering.

4. sleeping

4. cleaning the house

4. sleeping.

4. blogging.

5. sleeping.

5. cooking dinner.

okay, so mostly this list consists of not sleeping.  but there are a couple other essentials in there too. like cooking and cleaning...and showering.

the logic behind this list can be summed up in two words:

two kids.

you may remember that i announced on this blog sometime last fall that i was pregnant with a baby boy.

well he's here now.

and he's TOTALLY adorable.  and sweet.  and a VERY good baby.  and we all LOVE him to bits.


would you like to meet him?

well, okay.

but prepare yourself for cute baby overload...

say hello to our sweet little man...

rhett newell murray :)

Photo: In case you didn't know, we are heading on vacation tomorrow!!! So lots of pictures will be delivered later today. If you wanted to place an order before I leave, please email me at A large delivery of discs went out yesterday and another large delivery will go out today. :)

And just to show you a little bit of what is going on, here's another recent favorite. Simple and sweet are usually my favorites. Just love it!

isn't he the sweetest?!

i'm only a little in love with him.


he arrived 4 weeks early (like his big sissy)

february 25 - 2:08 a.m.

7 lbs 1 oz - 19 3/4 in long

in case you are wondering, yes...there is totally an explanation for why i have babies 4 weeks early. i'll totally share the reason with you next time but for now, my little rhett man is hungry and mama needs to go.

i'll be back...i promise.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

two rolls

today's post is really more of an announcement than anything else, but i am excited about it and i want to shout it from the mountain tops.

it's official.

teagan has used two WHOLE rolls of toilet paper.

as the bathroom.

i feel like is important for me to also specify that said toilet paper was used specifically for it's intended purpose and not for some kind of weird recreational use.  like those bridal shower games that we all know and love where it's supposed to be funny and cute to dress ourselves in toilet paper "bridal gowns" complete with "veil" and "accessories".

please tell me i'm not the only one who has done this.

if you have followed this blog long enough, you probably already know that we have been "potty training" (if you could actually "call" it that) on and off for almost a year with varying degrees of little to no success.


so far, we are 18 days without an accident.

this is huge.

teagan is wearing underpants people!


after the chaos of the holidays was finally over (probably around january 10th) i informed teagan that we would NOT be using ANY MORE diapers.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

she said "whatever you say, mom".

i didn't know exactly if this was her version of acceptance, or a possible threat, but i knew deep in my heart that if we didn't give potty training one last go (no pun intended) before baby boy comes in march, i would probably be spending a large portion of our income on two different sizes of diapers.  and that is definitely no bueno.

the very next day she wore this little potty watch that we set to ring every 60 minutes (it reset itself) and she went without pants, diapers, pull-ups, underwear.


including naps...

because i like to throw caution to the wind like that.

and you know what happened then?

she used the toilet.

EVERY time.

whenever that little pink watch played london bridge, darling clementine, or twinkle twinkle little star, her cheeks hit the seat.

and there were NO accidents.

and there weren't any the next day.

or the next, either.

in fact, she didn't have an accident until we were out of the house for about half a day.  i didn't hear the watch and she didn't tell me she needed to go until it was too late.

it was a bummer, but we got right back on the horse and continued with our mission.

and now here we are...three weeks later, without incident and without diapers.

i've been hesitant to even breathe a word of this new development on here because i feel like the mere whisper of this glorious news would somehow carry some sort of curse along with it and i would be doomed to change teagan's diapers for the rest of her life or until we hired a witch doctor or voodoo man to help lift our potty training jinx...

or something along those lines.

but now that teagan has used two whole rolls of toilet paper all by herself (and yes, i kept separate rolls of toilet paper just to keep track of her t.p. usage), i feel like it's okay to say it out loud.

teagan is potty trained.


until tomorrow possibly, because you never know when a jinx might actually be real.

just kidding.



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the polar vortex strikes back...

good morning :)

daniel tiger's neighborhood is currently on t.v. which means i have about 13 minutes to crank out a blog post...(now 12).

when last we spoke i was griping about sitting in the doctor's office for 3+ hours waiting for my glucose tolerance test to finish, which, if you aren't familiar with glucose tolerance tests, it is pretty much a test for diabetes, which i've heard can be a real problem in some pregnancies.

during the last 15 or so minutes of my test a woman showed up, who, out of nowhere, started singing opera in a very loud soprano voice.  the receptionist behind the desk said that the lady had the voice of an angel, but she must either be tone deaf or think that angels sing like angry cats because, wow.

as soon as my time was up i was out of that place quicker than hot, buttered lightning.

i hate to be so hard on people, because my own voice sounds like a rusty washing machine full of gravel, but i really feel that singing should be limited to cars, showers, and churches.

the good news is that i have not developed gestational diabetes and that donuts everywhere should continue to watch your backs because mama's comin' for ya.

(8 minutes...)

after the test was over i picked up teagan from my sister's house and went straight over to western illinois to stay at my mom and dad's for the weekend because matt went to wisconsin to snowmobile and there is NO WAY that i am staying at home by myself for 4 days with zero child assistance.

it was a pretty relaxed weekend and we ended up taking teagan on her first-ever bowling excursion which went really well with the exception that she was mad at all of us for "taking her turn and not letting her bowl".  i think at one point she said "no cuts, no butts, no coconuts".  thanks for that, yo gabba gabba...i really appreciate it.

here's a video of the "experience".


if you are ever in the peoria bass pro, i would highly recommend their bowling alley...the atmosphere was really cool and smelled better than an actual bowling alley.  lots of families with small children. very kid friendly.

the only downfall is that there are only 12 lanes and NO RESERVATIONS.  but guess what?  their buzzers have great range and will still work even when you are at the target down the road.

(2 minutes)

anyway, the weekend was pretty much perfect and then monday morning around 5 a.m. teagan got a case of the yucks all over our SHARED bed.

you know, because she likes to sleep in mommy's bed when daddy isn't around.

all i can say is praise the Lord we hadn't left my parent's house yet because the best person to be around when you need help with your child is your mom.  not only will she supervise tub time and help you wash the yucks off of your daughter while you rip all of the sheets off of the bed (for the second time), but she will also make you lunch, and then send you home with three pieces of chocolate twinkie cake when you make a break for it.

i love my mom.

i'm sure that this is totally unrelated, but my mom is feeling sick today :(

get better grammy...we love you!

the good news for us is that teagan and i came home to a germ-free (although messy) environment on monday night and we made it here without any yucks in the van.

God is good.

sorry mom.

happy wednesday.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

today's post brought to you by hunger.

good morning frands...

just writing to let you know how incredibly hungry i am at this moment., really hungry.  i am so super hungry that i couldn't take my mind off of food if i tried.  the more i think about the fact that i am hungry the more hungry i become.  in fact, i think if i type hungry one more time i think i might have a mental break down.

let's just promise each other not to say the "h" word from now on, ok?

i don't want anyone to get hurt.

sorry, maybe that's a little heavy for a morning blog post.

lets just say that it's because i'm pregnant and moody...

yes...that's it.

currently, i am sitting in the lab waiting room at my doctor's office, having a three-hour glucose tolerance test which i have been fasting for since 7 p.m. last night.


in preparation for today, i spent supper last night stuffing myself with 6 scrambled eggs, 4 pieces of toast, 1 bowl of cereal, 2 oranges, and a bowl of grapes.

it didn't last me very long.

mostly because once you tell me not to do something, i want to do that thing REALLY BAD.

and now that i am typing this out, i am suddenly realizing where my darling daughter gets that trait.

sorry honey :(

long story short, i am stuck here until 12:25....waiting....starving....whining....trying desperately to distract myself from the toddler sitting next to me who is happily eating her granola bar, which, from its smell, contains chocolate.

and, every hour, just for kicks, they are going to draw my blood.

and, i'm not allowed to leave this room (which now you know only increases my desire to leave this horrid place with  the chairs that are NOT designed for pregnant ladies).


i have been stuck on the same level of candy crush for DAYS.

what kind of fresh hell is this?!?

i did mothers and babies even SURVIVE before glucose intolerance tests, and five-point car seat harnesses, and blogs where mothers can vent about all manner of injustices in this world?

it's a true miracle that we even exist as a species.

it could be worse i suppose, i could have someone kicking my empty stomach from the inside...


there is.

maybe i'll hit the DMV later...just for kicks.

Monday, January 13, 2014

one month plus one week plus one day.

yesterday my white house on the prairie facebook account told me that it had been awhile since i've posted anything.  looking on my blog account has confirmed for me that it has actually been an entire one one day since i've actually written a blog.

but just so we're all on the same page here, you haven't missed much.

christmas and new year's were a blur, which has been pretty standard for all of our holidays since teagan was born.  i just can't believe how quickly we transition from picking out our tree to playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who will have to army crawl under the tree just to water the blessed thing.

time is moving so fast, it feels like light speed.  even holidays like casmir pulaski day, which used to mean an extra day off of school, and celebrated by yours truly with a day of shopping and starbucks, seem to just pass by unnoticed nowadays.  it's insane.

in fact, since we've become a family of three, i don't think i've even had time to celebrate national donut day anymore.


anyway, shortly after the new year was a giant blizzard which confirmed that our house is located in a snow funnel, which pretty much assures us that every time there is a dusting of snow, we aren't leaving home for three days.

what i've learned over time is that when you are stuck in your house due to extreme weather conditions, day three is the HARDEST day to get through.  the novelty of living in blizzarddom has worn of and the the natives begin to get a little restless (yes, i'm talking about you teagan).  BUT...if you can make it to day four then you're golden. everything after that is just routine.

because this year's blizzard came with extreme temperatures, our family bonding time also included a dog and a cat...which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it gave me lots of practice using the new spot bot (an automatic carpet cleaner) that i got for christmas.  but the real silver lining in this story is that we now have a cat that is very comfortable in our home and there are several dinner plate sized spots on our living room carpet that are EXTREMELY clean.

pets are a true joy.

in other news, i would like to formally apologize to everyone that has either not gotten our christmas card or has had to pay $0.20 to receive it.

when mailing our SQUARE christmas card this year, i had heard over facebook that SQUARE cards would require extra postage because of it's SQUARE shape, so i took a trip to the post office to confirm that our card is in fact a SQUARE shaped card and would cost extra to send.  it was there that the woman working at the counter told me that a SQUARE card would not cost any extra postage...

which in fact, is NOT CORRECT.  (i'm looking at you, dewey post office).

it's still a touchy subject.

from the sample size of our christmas card list recipients that i have spoken to, there were four scenarios that occurred during this travesty:

1. card was received, no problem.

2. card was received, had to pay $0.20 to their mail carrier.

3. card was returned to me, $0.20 was paid by me, and re-sent (and hopefully made it to your house).

4. card was not received.

*delivery status in #3 is unconfirmed.

anyway, to anyone that had to pay $0.20 to receive our christmas card this year, i am SO SORRY.  one of my new year's resolutions for 2014 is to carry several rolls of dimes in my purse so that i can reimburse you for our season's greetings.

i will find you.

i'm also hoping the rolls of dimes will come in handy in attempted purse snatchings.  i've heard that those things can really hurt somebody if you whip them around fast enough.

this year i also plan to take more than one family photo so that i don't have to choose a christmas card that has space for only one picture.  we'll see how it goes.

i hope that your holidays were very eventful or not eventful at all, depending on which type of holiday you prefer, and your family is having a great new year so far :)

we will talk again soon, i promise.

sooner than one month plus one week plus one day at least :)

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